Our emotional body is located above our etheric body and is the bridge between our physical and mental bodies. It has been discovered that most disease in the physical body originates in the emotional body. This is a huge key on healing our cancer. We need to understand and work with our emotional body to heal ourselves. 

Our emotional or feeling body is our energetic foundation. It contains the imprints and energy of all of  our emotions of our memories from this lifetime and all lifetimes, as well as our current emotional state. Our emotional body determines our energetic level, which is the rate we vibrate at. Cancer cannot exist in high levels of vibration. By understanding the role, feelings, thoughts and emotions play, we can learn to raise our energetic foundation. 

Feelings happen in our body, we assign thoughts to them, and then we experience the emotions. 

Our emotions play a powerful role in how we experience and interact with the world. They are the driving force behind our behaviors. Most of our emotions are buried in our subconscious and have a direct impact on our daily decisions and our overall well -being and happiness. 

A trapped emotion is an energy charge that stays stuck in the body causing interference within the area of the body where it is lodged. While the mind produces the thoughts you think, the body produces the emotions you feel.  Our emotions are important messages to us. 

Cancer in the breasts represents suppressed deep hurt, longstanding resentment, and deep secrets or grief eating away at self. It is about under mothering ourselves (left) and over mothering others (right). We need to tap into the hidden buried emotions and feel them and integrate them. Not only will this heal our cancer, it will significantly increase our energy, our vibration. 

To do this I used the very powerful tool-  Transformational Breath®.

I was so grateful every day for this gift of accessing deep suppressed emotions. While in a breath session, I literally felt the cancer energetically lift off of my breast and leave! 

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