TBA  - Kaleidoscope Angels

Join Karolee Schloth and Deb McComas for a super charged opportunity to amplify your evolution.


Karolee and Deb are combining their gifts to share with you a tremendous opportunity to increase your energetic vibration.


Deb has been working with the Andara Crystals, which are a highly evolved group of Beings of Light, from Lemuria, for several years. She will present her Andara crystals, in a genesis spiral portal. The Andara beings have guided her to bring the spiral to different locations to open portals of high Light energy. This sacred gift of the Andara’s will significantly amplify the energies presented by Karolee, as she channels light messages and sound through her voice and crystal bowls.

In experiencing this high vibrational group healing, your subconscious patterns surface and shift, empowering you to make positive changes in your life and hold and integrate higher levels of light, actively building your Light Body. When your energy fields activate and increase their own intelligence, you evolve into higher states of consciousness. This is Ascension.

Energetic Exchange- $33.00


Nov. 1st @ 6:30pm- Anahata Yoga
Nov. 8th @ 6:30pm – Healing Spirit Cafe

Facilitated by Karolee Schloth

A light worker is someone who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its populations heal from the effects of fear. Each light worker is here for a sacred purpose. However, life on earth with its material focus creates a form of amnesia in light workers, until we wake up and spread our light.  

 Come and be with others, who are awoken, to further heal self, Earth, and her inhabitants. Karolee channels energy and information for each group member and opens it up for everyone to share their insights and gifts. We help each of us live the lives we dream of, for ourselves and all of humanity.

Energetic Exchange is $25.00


Nov. 11th from 10am-4pm @ Kaleidoscope Angels

Facilitated by Karolee Schloth


One of the most powerful tools that Karolee teaches others to use to heal themselves is the tool of "mirrors."  Mirrors are the reflections of our energy, which we see, of everything in our lives.  This means that the energy of who we are creates our reality, our lives. As everything is made of the same substance, as quantum physics validates, what is within me is also outside of me. " As within, so without."

In practical terms, what we are feeling and thinking consciously and unconsciously creates our world.

 Want to get to the unconscious energies easily and change your life?

Join Karolee for this class and learn how to transform your mirrors and your life to see significant change.

This 5 -hour class includes lecture and practice workshop. Access to online lecture class and handouts.


Energetic Exchange-$75.00


Join Karolee Schloth for a meditation on the 12 Planetary Rays of Light. If you have taken the Ray course, then you know the power of the Ray energy. If this is new to you, come and learn how to experience this energy in your life. This meditation can exponentially increase your consciousness as the 12 Planetary Rays of Light, the focused Consciousness of Creator, weave through your fields. It is our mission to embody and emanate all 12 Rays in this lifetime. Students of the Ray classes have claimed that consciously using this energy has brought tremendous change to their lives. This meditation includes a brief lecture on the rays, as well as a guided meditation.

Includes MP3 Download.

Energy Exchange $33.00

Winter Solstice Event

Kaleidoscope Angels @6:30 pm

Experience the amplification of your Sacred Feminine Energy as we connect with the wisdom of our Crone Goddess, at this time of the darkest day. Within this powerful space we create. Come and clear what is blocking you from being all that you desire and create the reality of your dreams. 

Karolee will explain the energies we are in and how it affects us,  lead a guided meditation, channel messages, and play her powerful healing crystal bowls .


Energy exchange-$45