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We are so excited you want to help us serve our audience! Bold Brave Media has a global audience surpassing 50 million listeners and on Mondays, at 7:00 pm EST, A Call to Heal airs LIVE worldwide. The show is also shared on Tune In radio, Apple ITunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Soundcloud, and other networks offering a global reach of millions of registered listeners. We have over 140 episodes shared on multiple platforms and a continuously growing number of followers listening to our live and recorded programs. 

Show parameters:

Our show consists of four segments. You are applying to be part of the first 15 minute section, which includes introductions, meditation, and self- promotion. The last three segments are separated by commercial breaks and are led by the hosts providing free readings for call in guests. If you or a friend are interested in being read live on the air please provide information below to hold your and/or their spot. It is highly suggested that you listen to a recorded A Call to Heal episode to get a sense of the flow of our show. For your convenience please see the two shows at the bottom of the page.

The first segment will begin with us hosts introducing the show, ourselves, and you, our special guest. After you are introduced you will begin your guided meditation. Once your meditation has ended the remaining time will be for you to promote yourself, discussing who you are, what you do, and answering the 3 provided questions if there is time. You have eight minutes total to divide between your meditation and self- promotion, how you split your time is up to you. For instance, a longer meditation and shorter self -promotion, or vice versa. 

Our team will provide you with a two minute till commercial break alert, at this time you will tell our listeners how they can reach you and then we will wrap up the first segment.

In an energetic exchange for promoting you, we ask that you market to your clients, by email, social media, and/or other platforms, announcing that you will be on A Call to Heal and encourage them to call in or listen. We will provide you with a jpeg file to promote yourself and the radio show. After the show airs you will receive a link to the recorded episode, as well as an embedded code. These links are yours to use on your website and/or other platforms for your followers. 

We look forward to our experience together and are excited to co-create powerful positive energy with remarkable leaders such as yourself. Together we will spread light upon our planet!

Much Love, Light, and Bliss,

 Karolee and Julia

Please read the show parameters prior to completing this application. If your application is the right fit for our show, we will get back to you to schedule your show date. 

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