Interdimensional Light Journey

Six Week Workshop

With Karolee Schloth & Julia Stubbe

This workshop will focus on teaching you to consciously build and activate your Light Body/Mer-Ka-Ba. It is through this body that we can journey to other star systems, in other galaxies, in other dimensions. 


Our Light body is slowly built through our spiritual expansion, but can be accelerated by using conscious spiritual techniques.

During each session, we will travel through our divine heart, with our third eye, and the power of group merging. The group merging makes it easier to journey to the celestial realms/ star systems. 


When we connect with celestial energy we activate our quantum DNA, through light coding transmissions. These transmissions advance our expansion and ascension.


When journeying to a star system you can expect to experience other realities, engage with star beings, receive healings, activations, and channel energy and information through your body into this reality. It is truly magical. 

Recently, Julia and I traveled to Mars and encountered a Martian Council of Twelve. They assisted us in integrating old, dense, victim energy, and gifted us with warrior teams for protection, as well as the energy of divine courage for leadership and the completion of our soul plans. We also received the light codings of clarity for speaking our truth, without concern for others' judgment. Martians have mastered this.


This workshop’s first session will begin with the teachings of Light Body and it’s activation. Subsequent sessions will start with volunteered sharing of any powerful feelings or events that occurred after the last workshop.  Thereafter, further Light Body teachings and activation will occur. Then, we will travel and end the session with a sharing of our experience. Sharing allows us to see the connections, similarities, and how real the journey truly is.

What star systems we are guided to visit will be directly affected by who participates in the workshop. 


Participants will connect on Zoom. After the teachings are complete for the session, we will turn off the video during our journey, as we will be in a comfortable position with our eyes closed. Participants are requested to wear eye masks, as total darkness helps facilitate ease in entering the sacred and tiny space of your heart, with the third eye for travel. Audio will be live and earbuds are recommended, as Karolee and Julia channel information during the journey. 


Participants may choose between class beginning on Thursday, June 25th at 1:30 PM EDT.     


Sunday, June 28th at 7 PM EDT for six weeks. (there will be a recording if you cannot attend one of the classes)


The cost for this workshop is $298. Early registration discount cost is $228, if registered by June 14th, 2020. 


Julia Stubbe co-hosts the radio show, A Call To Heal, with Karolee, on Monday Nights, at 7 pm EDT. For further information about Julia, go to

Interdimensional Light JourneySix Week W

Participants may choose between class beginning on Thursday, June 25th at 1:30 PM EDT.     


Sunday, June 28th at 7 PM EDT for six weeks. (there will be a recording if you cannot attend one of the classes)

Summer Solstice Celebration June 20.2020

Summer Solstice Celebration

June 20, 2020 at 10 am EST on Zoom

The summer solstice is an opportunity to lift your spirit and feel great! Being part of our Summer Solstice Celebration will integrate the full reign of its power into your energy field to uplift and align your spirit for an elevated self transformation!

The kinetic energy of earth during the summer solstice is available for integration into our etheric body. Together we will learn to flow with the spiral of the Goddess, Mother Earth, and arrow of the God, Father Sun. The summer solstice is the union of the King/Queen; fully pregnant, in the full power of their reign. We will harness this energy for bringing in the birth of our creativities, including our new Earth. We will gather together on Zoom for the celebration. Video screen time is optional. Education will be received, followed by moving into the sacred space of our hearts for clearing and activation energies.

This event is perfect for all who join! Come & dance in celebration with us!


Cost is $19

Awakening the Goddess Within


Next workshop TBA

This is a deep immersion into your spirituality, an opportunity to reclaim your birthright of power, as you connect with your inner Goddess. You will explore, cultivate and celebrate the depths of your magical life energy in a loving supportive sacred circle of your sister Goddesses. 

This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Know and experience the Goddess as a path to self -healing and Soul expansion

  • Reawaken pathways to greater spiritual connection fostering your Inner knowing

  • Reconnect with your inner Priestess, Shaman, Dakini, Witch, Prophetess, Magdalene

  • Activate your Divine Codes of Light as you re-remember the Mystery School Teachings

  • Understand the Sacred moon, her Silver Ray, and the power of working with her cycles

  • Breakthrough and heal old patriarchal patterns, beliefs, programs and conditioning affecting your power.

  • Integrate the masculine and feminine aspects of our true selves

  • Experience the power of your authentic self for healing, creativity and full self-realization in all of your relationships and your sacred work of service to humanity and Earth.


Who: Facilitated by Karolee Schloth M Ed., empowerment teacher, intuitive healer and breath facilitator. Karolee’s life mission is to help others empower themselves to complete their soul plan. Recently she healed herself of breast cancer and is writing a book,  Healing Breast Cancer,  the Goddess Way,  to help others do the same,. Karolee co-hosts a radio show on Monday nights, at 7pm EST – A Call to Heal on the BBM Global Network, iHeart and TuneIN Radio. She also leads empowerment retreats around the world.

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