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Primary Tools of Spiritual Alchemy

This playlist includes tools that clear our subtle bodies and strengthen our connection with our soul.  These tools are primary to any spiritual practice. Learning to use these tools on your own daily is the catalyst necessary to turn your “lead” to “gold.”

1. Meditation: Bringing your consciousness to your Heart

Most of us have our consciousness in our head. Some of us may have it in our gut. And several  of us even have it outside our bodies. This meditation teaches us how to ground our consciousness into our Heart. This is where we want it to be. Repeatedly listen to this meditation until you can easily connect your consciousness into your heart on your own.

2. Meditation: Running your energy perfectly

We tend to be unaware of our energic vibration and how our energy flows through all of our bodies- physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Our life force energy comes to our bodies and through them from the Great Central Sun and the Core of Earth and moves in a toroidal shape from our heart. The energy field of the sun, the black hole of our galactic center, the magnetic field of Earth and her heart core, and our human heart fields are all a toroidal shape, a torus.. The torus is self-perpetuating, maintaining its momentum.  It is also a transformer encoded with the blueprint of creation and evolution of this planet. The flow within a torus is bi-directional, reflecting the ancient maxims “As within, so without.”; “As without, so within.”  And “As above, so below; as below, so above.” The center of the torus is a wormhole through which our soul can pass into the multidimensional realms of unlimited potential. This meditation teaches us the most effective way to consciously run our energy to clear our bodies and increase our energetic vibration for optimal life force energy and connection to All That Is. 


Before you begin, look at the picture and see the energy pouring into the root, travelling through the body, out the crown, and moving in the perfect toroidal (apple ) shape around the body and back into the root. Now see, at the same time, the energy pouring into the crown, from the Galactic Core ( Soul), and moving through the body, out the root, and around in the perfect toroidal shape back into the crown. These energies intersect in your heart, generating your expanding energetic fields. 

3. Meditation: Grounding Powerfully

This meditation fully connects you to the Earth, thus strengthening your powerful manifestation abilities as you anchor stellar energies into your body and Earth. Your evolution depends on your ability to be fully present, in your body, as you experience this reality. Practicing the meditation daily will accelerate your expansion and growth. 

4. Meditation: Clearing Entities

We attract negative entities, from the fourth dimension to us, through the negative physical, emotional and mental traumas we have experienced, in this life, as well as past lives. This is nothing to be afraid of, as we have participated in this energy drama throughout all of our lives, whether we have been aware of it or not. Becoming conscious of how we feel, cleansing ourselves, and healing our traumas will strengthen our fields and weaken negative attraction of energies to our bodies.


This guided meditation is designed to empower you to release all entities from your energy bodies, and heal existing traumas, holes, in your fields that open portals to negative energies/entities, which include all demons, negative watchers, negative spirits, dark ET's, fallen angels, and negative thought forms. Listen often to this meditation until you can do it on your own. Then clear your energy fields of draining energy as often as you wash your hands or whenever you feel suddenly tired and depleted. 

5. Meditation: Cutting Cords of Attachment

A cord of attachment is an actual cord of energy between two people that causes patterns from the past to continue into the present. Energetic cords are negative and drain our energy. We create cords between ourselves and others when we experience feelings or emotions like fear, worry, anger, or negativity in an interaction.

Cords of attachment can be from this lifetime or past lives. They can attach to all our bodies and have even been seen on the cellular level in the physical body.  

These cords keep those attached in a holding pattern, causing the past challenges to continue to repeat into the present. Cords of attachment bring old feelings and energies into our present lives and can leave us feeling frustrated, tired, drained, irritated and stuck. Cords of attachment are always negative. There are no positive cords of attachment. We connect to others with a heart link and universal light matrix, not energetic cords. So, releasing any cording often, is a great thing to do to help you feel powerful in the present moment. 

6. Meditation: Shielding with the Rainbow Egg 

Your aura is a multi-operational energy field that acts as a reception and relay network for subtle energies to your bodies. Placing a natural filtering system of a positive protection field around your body, protects you from environmental influences. These influences include: pollution, viruses, bacteria, toxins,  radiation, negative thought forms, and negative entities. Shielding strengthens your immune system and enhances your energy. The rainbow egg shield protects your energy field from negative influence, while allowing your connection to Source and positive influences, as well as radiating your light and energy outwards to others. 

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