The Mirrors is a powerful tool or practice that Karolee uses to heal and integrate emotion and clear negative thoughts and false beliefs. 

To use the Mirrors we must first acknowledge that our reality acts just like a holographic illusion, as the scientific results of quantum physics suggests. Scientists believe that our brains receive a hologram in wave frequencies from the Field, collapses the wave function and converts them into particles to create physical reality and then sends that reality our there for us to experience. It appears as though we are surrounded by a total immersion movie. Our senses read what is projected out there and bring the information back to the brain. In addition to being projectors, our eyes are also receivers. This means that our reality is not real and is simply an illusion.

Next, we understand that our entire life is mirrored to us. Our brain is projecting out our reality, our mirrors. 95% of our consciousness is unconscious. Our unconscious is filled with suppressed emotions, negative thoughts and beliefs and traumas from our inner child, past lives and soul plan. Our mirrors allow us to quickly see what we are unaware of and are ready to heal.

Our reaction to our mirrors is how our Creator/Source/Higher Self/ Infinite I experiences this reality of emotion/thought/feeling. We are the gatekeepers of what is felt. Our power lies in how we respond to our mirrors. We affect the illusion by our emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Embracing our feelings and emotions entirely, no matter how painful they may be, is the key to integration. We feel our feelings and emotions instead of trying to change them. We listen to them and what they need us to know. No emotion or feeling is bad. A negative emotion such as fear, shame, guilt, or anxiety is equal to and the same as a positive emotion such as love, joy, abundance, or freedom. Our Creator does not judge the emotion, she feels it, and all is exciting. For us, feeling all emotions brings us balance and a centeredness to be in the now and present moment. 

When we have a strong emotional reaction to something, the strong reaction means that a past trauma has been triggered. This is a perfect time to look at the event, the mirror, and to integrate the emotional trauma. We do this by being with the emotion. We take our attention off of the “messenger” which is the physical event or person or thing that is triggering us. We own the emotion and the mirror of what it is creating in our lives. This allows us to step back from the story that is urging us to react so strongly and detach mentally from the trigger. We can then place our attention on how we are feeling and recognize what deep unresolved past wound is unhealed within us and is continuing to mirror itself in our lives. It enables us to integrate our emotional body with ourselves. This is true “emotional healing”.