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June 19 to 26, 2017




On one of Karolee’s retreats to Mount Shasta, she encountered Saint Germaine and an Atlantean Princess, in physical form, on the mountain. The energetic activation that occurred was life changing!


If you have never experienced the energies of Mount Shasta, now is the time. We will be hit with a tsunami of energy this summer on Earth. What better place to be, than at this Sacred Mountain!

Mt Shasta is known as one of the seven sacred mountains on Earth, and has a long history of myth, mysticism and magical occurrences. These include the lost continents and people of Lemuria and Atlantis, UFOs and extra-terrestrials, secret doors to underground hollow Earth and Big Foot sightings. Mt. Shasta is a portal to other dimensions and is the sacral chakra of Earth.

Karolee and Fred will guide you to the sacred sites of Mt Shasta, bathe in healing waters, and lead you into meditations, healings, and activations. Karolee is being called to the area, with Fred, for a Reunion, and they are excited to share their energy and teachings with you and the Beings that are calling.


This retreat will include accommodations, breakfasts and lunches, tours of the scared waterfalls, the Mountain and Craigs, Medicine Lake, Healing Bath, Crystal Bowl Healing, Sacred Pyramid, and Heart Lake.


Master Level Warrior includes teachings on:

  • Reprogramming your ET DNA and switching off ET negative influence

  • Internal Entity Removal that blocks your advancement, and training on how to clear them for self and others

  • Travel into Shasta’s portal and Gateways with energy activations and re-codings

  • Merging of all our Merkaba's to enhance our energetic bodies and to share our inherent abilities.

  • Downloading of dozens of feelings to every cell in our bodies to allow full understanding and feeling of our ET

If you are a warrior and are ready to fully embrace why you are here on Earth, then join us to ascend to the next level of rising energy. We will embrace this magical area and work directly with the beings that are waiting for us. We will make tremendous change for ourselves and the planet.

Cost - $1587.00



Email Karolee if you are ready to take a huge leap in consciousness at this powerful sacred site.

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