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Our intellectual spiritual body, which we are addressing here, is our connection to something bigger. Whether you choose to call it the Universe / God / Source / Higher Self / Love / Life etc. , it is our ability to receive guidance and to surrender to something larger than ourselves. It is about our oneness, the fact that we are all connected. This is our true essence.

After gaining some mastery over our thoughts and emotions ( through tools such as Transformational Breath® and The Mirrors) we begin to access more of this body. As we continue to clear the lower levels of our unconscious we experience more energy from this body. Our work on this layer is primarily ego integration or unmasking of self.  This can be a challenge as the ego holds on tightly. This is where the gift of cancer helps us, for we are highly motivated to practice these tools and expand our energy in this body.

As we work with this body we autonomously stand in our wisdom and truth. We hear our inner guidance, discern easily and break out of repetitive patterns. We are inspired by our imagination to create higher options of higher frequency in our lives. With higher frequency there can be no disease.


Our Higher Self becomes our conscious Guide. Gifts that we did not know we had open to us in this body.  We experience miracle consciousness and see the magic and synchronicity in our lives and this world. We are in constant gratitude and open to receive. We are also aware of the connection of all of life and are in service to humanity, our planet, and all life here. This means that we love doing things that love and respect all. 

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