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As We Breathe... Shall We Live

What happens if I stop breathing? I stop living. What happens if I breathe more fully? I live more fully.  Answers to our most crucial questions are often quite simple, yet not always easy to understand.  Fortunately, answers to a healthier, more fulfilling life can be as easily realized as your next breath.

Restricted breathing patterns prevent vital oxygen from fueling your body. They also support subconscious defense mechanisms in “stuffing down” unpleasant emotions. Unexpressed feelings are stored in the mind and body as chronic tension, and eventually they’re expressed as pain and disease. 

Reclaim your life. Master the breathe.

Transformational Breathing® is a simple, profound process that uses a full circular breathing pattern to activate the most natural healing response. Constricted breathing patterns are opened up, the body is super-oxygenated, and “emotional baggage,” is cleared, making room for a direct, joyful connection with the Source of all that is. 

Response- Ability is a Joy!

The ability to respond instead of react to challenges is key to creating the life you want. In addition to the joy and satisfaction of living fully, clients report:

  • More physical and mental energy

  • Being less judgmental of circumstances

  • Feeling happy despite problems

  • Mental clarity and focus

  • Vivid connectedness with God/Source

  • More joy in giving and receiving

  • Relief from emotional and physical pain

  • Freedom from addictions and compulsions

  • Easy access to answers for tough questions

  • Healthier more vibrant living

When the breath is flowing as a perfect wave, life itself flows in a natural rhythm of grace and wisdom. 

Breathing is the one involuntary metabolic function that becomes voluntary the moment we choose to take the reigns. This begins to explain why Transformational Breathing ultimately leads to the experience of co-creating our lives consciously, instead of being the result of random thoughts and events. We can choose to be at the mercy of life, or we can choose to master it.

Relax… choices and decisions are easy once you know how to access answers and energy through the “breath connection.” If this sounds too good to be true… breathe. Simple proof is yours in just one session. One-hour breath sessions with a Transformational Breath Facilitator will prepare you for self-breathing sessions in the future.


Personal Breath Session


Group Sessions

Asheville & Weaverville, NC



Facilitated Transformational Breath Downloadable Session

Download includes invocations, breath instructions, and facilitated breathing with music. This 14 minute session keeps you engaged with your daily breath practice. Cost is $10.


Breath Discovery Camp ™

The Essential Online Breathing Program.

We all know breathing is important; it’s actually essential to just being alive. Do you know how you breathe? Would you like to know how to breathe better? Have you realized that your breathing can be an effective tool to clear out past emotions and resolve current ones? Would you like to understand all the vital health functions that effective conscious breathing can give you?

What if I told you that your breathing can take you to deep states of Peace and Joy and open doorways to higher consciousness? And did you know good breathing provides so many basic physical benefits: energy, detoxification, healthy cellular regeneration, stronger immune system, to name a few. If you would like to experience the answer to these crucial questions then please join us for BREATH DISCOVERY CAMP™, our 10-week Essential Online Breathing Program. It’s absolutely Breath-a-licious! It will transform your life!  


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Starting in August.

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