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Wild Magical Cancer - Healing Our Breasts the Goddess Way

Available September 2020

The Goddess is the feminine energy of Creation, just as God, is the masculine energy of creation. She is a powerful force that creates everything and she has been hidden from us for thousands of years. The Goddess teaches the way of the heart, the understanding that all life is sacred, and that the creative spiritual energy that moves through our universe also moves through us as well. We create our reality. The Goddess teach us to re-remember to honor the living energies of the Earth, the spiritual beings beyond the cosmos, and the sacred energetic connection between people, animals, and plants in the symbiotic linkage of the web of life.


The path of the Goddess teaches us to attune to the invisible world of Spirit and the connection of everything. She empowers us to go within ourselves to hear the sacred voice of All That Is. She leads us in following our own internal knowingness. She guides us into being fully present in the moment. Her way is the path of listening to your inner knowing to choose the natural offerings and sacred ways that are the best and perfect choices for our own healing and expansion.

Wholeness is the state of being perfectly well and complete in all bodies- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As we reconnect with our inner Goddess, we become conscious of our journey here on Earth. We become aware of ways to heal all our bodies that are perfect for us. In her book, Wild Magical Cancer, Healing Cancer the Goddess Way, (to be available late summer 2020) Karolee followed her intuition to heal all her bodies. She choose the foods, herbs and practices from her Heart that were perfect for her to heal her cancer. You too can listen to your inner heart knowing for your healing and transformation. 

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