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Coming Soon, Karolee’s book, 

Wildly Magical Cancer- Healing Our Breasts the Goddess Way

Karolee shares her journey on how she healed her cancer herself, in a natural loving way. Through connecting with her Inner Goddess and following her intuition, she discovered how to heal all of her bodies- physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual- for permanent freedom from cancer. Her book guides the reader to re-remember the Goddess, the Creatrix, and the highest inherent power we have.  


Karolee’s book teaches us how to do this. She guides the reader to understanding who the Goddess is, how to reconnect with her and listen to our intuition, our inner knowing for transformation and healing.

The end of the book provides readers with opportunities to be in community with other Goddesses who are healing themselves.


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The reader learns about how our reality works and why breast cancer is rampant. The role of each body is explained and how it contributes to the creation of our cancer in our physical body. Many natural cancer healing remedies and modalities are offered for each body allowing the reader to follow her guidance on what will work for her. Karolee not only healed her cancer, she increased her energy, expanded her consciousness, and began to impact many more people with her gifts. 

  There are thousands of us who have chosen the path of breast cancer to re-center and re-remember our true selves.  We have a choice on how we experience this. We can be afraid and in fear or we can be in our power and choose love. We can follow an old, negatively masculine charged medical system and hope that it puts our cancer in remission or we can heal ourselves and choose to be the leaders, the ones to show, and tell, the world a new way. A new way to be whole. To thrive and not just exist. A wildly gentle way to nurture our bodies and make powerful change for ourselves, humanity and the world. 


This world has swung way out of equilibrium into a patriarchal, dominating, controlling, goal oriented culture. Power and domination over others is the ultimate win.  Money is perceived as strength and a large percentage of our world is money driven. Unfortunately, our medical system is part of the structure that we have built. We are not victims here, we affect the creation of our world and everything in it. (We will talk more about this in later chapters.) Our current cancer healing system generates trillions of dollars for those who are at the top of the structure, often to the detriment of those who are sick. In the case of breast cancer, our options are to cut out the cancer, chop off our breasts, ingest chemical poisons that weaken our immune system, and/or dose the body with toxic radiation. These are the corrupt choices of an old system. There is another way to heal our bodies, our breasts. There is a new system that is being created. Or an old system that we are re-remembering. 


This system is being created as we read this book. Each one of us who makes the choice to empower ourselves, by rediscovering our true selves, and healing through listening to our own inner guidance adds to this system. It is the path of the Goddess. A magical journey of self- discovery about who we truly are, the power we hold, and the hidden history of our world. It is a path of leadership through self -healing. By healing ourselves, we affect and change the world. Each one of us makes a difference. But how do we heal ourselves in this toxic system?


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Listen to Karolee’s interview on Tippy Talk Online Radio.
She discusses her story and how she healed herself naturally from of breast cancer.
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